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Designer Sewing Center

Sutura Style Sewing Courses

Designer Sewing Center

8 South Main Street, Suite 103

Whitestown, IN, 46075




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1-800-613-1386                                                                                   M-F 10-6  S: 10-4

8 South Main Street, Whitestown, Indiana

About Sutura Style and Dawn Abbey Inc.

Dawn Abbey Inc. was founded in 2013 by partners Stephen and Natalie Reiners to facilitate the teaching of sewing classes at their home studio in Whitestown, Indiana.  After teaching a few students at home, Natalie realized that she needed to create a simple training system that would allow someone who had never touched a sewing machine to gain the skills needed to create custom styles for themselves, others and the home, so The Sutura Style Program was born.  The Sutura Style Sew Like a Pro Courses were taught at Hancock Fabrics Carmel until we grew to the point that we needed our own space. On December 5, 2015 we opened Designer Sewing Center where our classes are now taught and where we are proudly your local, authorized dealer of Brother and Juki sewing machines!

 Classes are now taught at our shop, Designer Sewing Center,

The Sutura Style, which is a combination of Latin and English words, means “Sewing Style”.  The concept is simple; offer sewists the skills they need to bring their innate creativity and ideas to life. Each Sutura Style Method Course is technique based so students will complete a workbook of method samples in class. This allows participants the creative freedom to choose their own class projects within the scope of the program.

The Sutura Style Method Courses are inclusive and are open to men and women and children over 9 years of age.   Your course or class includes: all the sample patterns for your course, any applicable workbook or class worksheets, and the fabric for the class method samples. You will still need to purchase the pattern, fabric and supplies for your chosen class project.