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Designer Sewing Center

Sutura Style Sewing Courses

Designer Sewing Center

8 South Main Street, Suite 103

Whitestown, IN, 46075




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1-800-613-1386                                                                                   M-F 10-6  S: 10-4

8 South Main Street, Whitestown, Indiana

Sutura is Latin for sewing and that is just what we teach! Our programs are designed with busy people in mind. The “Show and Sew” philosophy is based on the concept that relaxed hands create better results. Each course and workshop therefore includes the fabric and patterns for class samples, your workbook, a full sized pattern, and the use of tools and equipment. Students will just need to bring their chosen project and, where applicable, machine to class.

The Sutura Style Sew Like a Pro Courses guide students through lessons based on Fashion Industry techniques, specially modified for the home sewing environment. Learn the tips and tricks of professional dressmakers, designers and tailors. All programs are co-ed and projects are chosen by the student to reflect their unique style and taste. All our sewing courses include basic pattern making methods to ensure that students develop the skills needed to be able to bring their own design ideas to life. For full course details, click the links below.

Sutura Style Sewing & Pattern Making Programs

You’ve got beautiful dreams. Bring them to life.

Choose the program that is right for you.

Sew Like A ProSutura Style Serge Like a ProSutura Fit Made to Measure


The Sutura Style programs are listed in the order they should be taken. If you have never used a sewing machine or have problems with fitting sewing patterns, then start with a novice class. All our courses involve pattern making methods and each course builds on the skills learned in the previous program. Prior to registering for the Sew Like a Pro Course, you should be able to: sew and finish a seam, install a zipper with professional results, make simple adjustments to patterns for fit and work with bias binding.

Please note: Workshops and classes are single session programs, courses last from 4-8 weeks. Click on the workbook images to get the full details.

The Sew Simply and Made to Measure Workshops introduce students to the world of fashion sewing and pattern fitting. These two workshops are the foundation to the Sutura Style Courses and these workshops or equivalent knowledge are pre-requisites to the Sew Like a Pro Series.

Your Sutura Style Instructor will help you each step of the way as you learn how easy it can be to:

Novice Workshops

Sew Like a Pro Courses

Sutura Style Fit for PantsSutura Style DressmakingLearn TailoringTailored JacketsDIY Home DecorHow to Make Jeans

When you complete all the course requirements, including your chosen project, by then end of your program, you will receive a certificate of completion and a special gift!

Have you ever dreamed of designing your own clothes? Can you imagine the satisfaction of wearing and sharing custom-fit, uniquely designed apparel? Then Sutura Style Sew Like a Pro Courses are for you!

Sew Like a Pro Courses, give students the methods to build on their novice sewing and pattern making skills to create professional quality apparel. After completing the Sew Like a Pro and Serge Like a Pro Courses, students are strongly encouraged to take Pant Perfection, a pattern fitting workshop that teaches students how to create a perfectly fitting pair of trousers.

Want more? See evening wear, bridal gowns, corset making, tailored suits, fine shirts and blouses, and silk garments, demystified with our Dressmaking  and Tailoring Courses. And then, bring your vision to life: Discover the art of taking your concept from inception through completion with your own clothing collection with the Sutura Style Designer Collection Course.

Fun Workshops and Classes



Custom jeans are awesome to wear and easy to make once you know how. Learn methods that Natalie learned at the Levi Strauss factory in Stoney Creek adjusted for your home sewing environment.

Have fun learning how to create unique quilts and home décor projects! In this one session class, you can learn how to make simple cushions, throws, quilts and curtains.

Discover specialty methods for basic alterations, with professional results including

invisible hemming, shortening shirts, manipulating darts and more.

Want to try before you buy? Learn the fundamentals of machine embroidery

before you invest in a machine!

Sewing Alterations Workshop Learn Machine Embroidery