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Designer Sewing Center

Sutura Style Sewing Courses

Designer Sewing Center

8 South Main Street, Suite 103

Whitestown, IN, 46075




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1-800-613-1386                                                                                   M-F 10-6  S: 10-4

8 South Main Street, Whitestown, Indiana

This four session intermediate sewing course for men and women introduces the production methods of the Fashion Industry and blends them with classic dressmaking skills to create professional quality garments quickly and easily!

Throughout your course, a series of sewing techniques are demonstrated and participants will be able to practice their skills and complete a series of samples. Your included sample workbook is a lifelong reference of professional sewing methods.

Your instructor will help you each step of the way as you learn to:

Have fun creating your choice of class project! Suggested projects include:

This is a sewing method class, we will not spend any time on pattern fitting. Lessons on how to adjust your patterns for a perfect fit are available through Sutura Fit for Pant Perfection and Sutura Fit - Made to Measure

Participants are encouraged to show their unique style by selecting patterns, woven fabrics, notions and trims that correspond with these projects. The staff at our new store, Designer Sewing Center are happy to help with your project pattern selection. All Sutura Style students get a 10% discount on fabrics, patterns and notions.

To register call 317-768-3026 or visit us in store.

Sutura Style Dressmaking  Course            $179

Dresses, evening wear, and fine sewing methods

Four 1 1/2 Hour Sessions