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Designer Sewing Center

Sutura Style Sewing Courses

Designer Sewing Center

8 South Main Street, Suite 103

Whitestown, IN, 46075




Download the Fall Calendar here.

1-800-613-1386                                                                                   M-F 10-6  S: 10-4

8 South Main Street, Whitestown, Indiana

Sutura Style Method Courses will show you just how easy it can be to:

Have fun choosing the fabrics, patterns and notions for your class project. Suitable projects include:

Have fun choosing your pattern and fabrics for your choice of class project. Your pattern is included in with your program so please let us know at the time of registration which pattern you want from the choices below.

To register call 1-800-613-1386 or visit us in store.

Pattern Options for Men and Women

This six session beginner sewing course for men and women introduces the methods and equipment of professional dressmakers and tailors!

Throughout your course, a series of sewing techniques are demonstrated and participants will be able to practice their skills and complete a series of samples.

There are several patterns to choose from. Please select a project that is suitable to your skill level and the amount of time that you have. There is a homework assignment each week. Ideally, over the six weeks you should complete 3-4 garments.

Sutura Style Se Like a Pro  Course      $399 regular price

Tops, Skirts, Pants and Jackets

Six 90 Minute Sessions

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