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Designer Sewing Center

Sutura Style Sewing Courses

Designer Sewing Center

8 South Main Street, Suite 103

Whitestown, IN, 46075




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1-800-613-1386                                                                                   M-F 10-6  S: 10-4

8 South Main Street, Whitestown, Indiana

Sutura Style Machine Embroidery Class           $49

Single 2-hour session

In this single session class your instructor will demonstrate methods to:

There is no project for this class. Students will receive a workbook that serves as a lifelong reference for machine embroidery!

To register call 317-768-3026 or visit us in store.

Discover how simple it is to add unique style and flair to your existing wardrobe with machine embroidery!

In this single session workshop we will use Brother Embroidery machines to demonstrate just how cool and fun it can be to use a machine to stitch fun, fanciful, pretty, cute and downright awesome designs onto clothing and home décor items.